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ESD Packaging

ESD Packaging

All E-STAB-REL Carriers produced by LIFE LINE PACKAGING, INC. are treated with “staticide” topical antistat solution that complies with the electrostatic criteria outlined in MIL-PRF-81705D and National Fire Protection Code 56A, as tested in accordance with Federal Test Standard 101C Method 4046, following guidelines established by the Official Military Handbook #263 outlining criteria for Electrostatic Discharge Control for electric and electronic devices, components, assemblies, and equipment called out in MIL-STD-1686C.

Sample specimens from all production runs of E-STAB-REL Carriers are tested by our in-plant laboratory, using a static decay measurement rate of 5000 volts to 0 volts. These measurements are made with an Electro Tech Systems Static Decay Meter, with Faraday Cage and Humidity Test Chamber. Testing is conducted at 15% relative humidity.

All staticide coated E-STAB-REL Carriers tested to date have shown an average static decay rate of .57 seconds or less for both positive and negative polarity charges.

E-STAB-REL Carriers contain no N-Octanoic acid.


The above Federal Test Standard 101C Method 4046 allows all packages with a decay rate of 2.0 seconds or less to be classified as SAFE ANTI-STATIC PACKAGING ACCEPTABLE TO ALL MILITARY STANDARDS.